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angas bruciatori per panificiDesigned to work non-stop and intended for the most qualified customers who will not accept compromises


Angas-matic 4F

angasmatic4fThe smallest multi-gas atmospheric burner. This was designed to fuel bread-baking ovens with baking surface of up to 10 square metres, with both brick and metal combustion chamber.


bgs_gr_copyB.G.S. series gas burners are of the blown air type, specific for bread-baking and therefore made for firing Rotary or Cyclothermic ovens


ciclogasThe CICLOGAS atmospheric burner is suitable for installation on cyclothermic ovens that have the combustion chamber under vacuum

Angas Matic


This is offered as a basic and inexpensive model of atmospheric burner with 5 settings


ellegasThis is a UNIQUE burner, because an examination, design and construction, fitting and final baking test are carried out for each individual supply

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