Angas Matic

ANGAS MATIC is the latest Avanzini burner – a basic and affordable atmospheric burner with 5 control levels. ANGAS MATIC has short, medium and long flames as standard, to balance heat and achieve maximum temperature evenness across baking chambers. It also ensures that the oven working temperature is reached quickly and in SILENCE. While retaining […]


CICLOGAS is an atmospheric burner designed for installation in cyclothermic ovens with furnace vacuum. The four torches fitted on CICLOGAS mix fuel and combustion air. Each is complete with self-locked air control and flame length control. Combustion is silent, with a soft, wide-section flame; heat exchange is optimised by the enormous quantity of secondary air […]


ELLEGAS, presented here, is an atmospheric burner specifically designed for conventional L-shaped ovens with side furnace. ELLEGAS is made to measure in two versions – with front or side ashpan in relation to the tubes to be heated. These conventional ovens are built to be heated by wood or coal: that’s why they need a […]


B.G.S. series gas burners are blast burners specifically designed for baking use and therefore to power Rotary and Cyclothermic ovens. These are ultra-silent burners, in terms of noise both in the bakery and at the bottom of the chimney, i.e. externally – the noise is actually only a few, negligible decibels. This is due to […]