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Avanzini was founded in Parma in 1960 by Giuseppe Avanzini, who had worked as an employee in a company specialising in the manufacture and repair of steam boilers. At that time, major Italian cities were converting to natural gas and his idea was to design and manufacture safe, natural gas-powered equipment for the conversion of bread ovens, then still fired by coal or fuel oil. These fuels released highly polluting deposits and ash in the furnace – a baker’s nightmare, because they slowed down bread production enormously due to frequent stoppages for oven maintenance and cleaning.

His mission was therefore to manufacture very reliable burners that would guarantee complete combustion and improve the baking quality of the bread, which is notoriously very sensitive to the type of flame it is exposed to during baking.


Years went by…

… And thousands of installations in bakeries across Italy and abroad allowed Avanzini to gain extensive experience and knowledge of its trade. In 2002 the decision was made to expand into the Pizzeria sector, following the complaints of various oven manufacturers and pizza chefs that the burners on the market were technically and functionally inadequate and yielded poor performance in baking pizzas compared to wood.

The entire Avanzini team’s commitment and enthusiasm quickly led to the final solution.


a made to measure multi-gas burner specifically for converting conventional ovens from wood to gas

Its success was immediate, and the international market once again rewarded the product as it had already done in the past with the B.G.S., ELLEGAS and ANGAS series. These, together with DRAGO the latest creation represent the entire production of Avanzini Bruciatori S.r.l. today.

Needless to say, although product functionality is key considering the peculiar applications Drago was conceived for, where forced downtimes must be avoided at all costs, SERVICE is of equal importance and must be prompt and punctual at any time of day.

This is the true merit of Avanzini Bruciatori S.r.l. and its collaborators across Italy, who have always been able to guarantee this essential service round the clock, all year round.